Pretreatment Operator - Day Shift ONLY in Churchville, NY

Qualicoat Inc. Posted: 2021-04-13

Churchville, NY 14428

The Pretreatment Operator has the responsibility for, but not limited to the following pretreatment operations: Iron phosphate, Zinc phosphate, Passivate, Alkaline clean, Etch, Clear chromate, Yellow chromate and producing high quality products for our customers per work instructions provided in the operating procedures and Job Travelers.
This will include adhering to strict safety policies regarding use and handling of all chemical solutions in the Pretreatment Department as well as working as a participant member of the Qualicoat team.


· Provide the Coatings Department with a continuous flow of quality parts that can be finished without sanding, wiping or recoating.

· Improve efficiency by communicating with the Production Manager and Pretreatment Supervisor.

· The organization and cleanliness of the Pretreatment Department will be maintained to 5 “S” standards thereby contributing to the safety and morale of the company as a whole.

· Improve quality through adherence to policies and procedures for Pretreatment operations and through training that improves knowledge, ability, and understanding.

· The target goal is 100% internal and external customer satisfaction.

LEVEL OF EMPOWERMENT: The Pretreatment Operator has the authority to:

· Satisfy Qualicoat customers to the extent of compliance with Qualicoat policies and procedures.

· Stop any unsafe activity.

· Suspend use of unsafe equipment.

· Refuse to deviate from Qualicoat policies and/or procedures.


The Pretreatment Operator is accountable to the President, Plant Manager, the Management Team and Co-workers.

This will be accomplished through individual conduct, adherence to company policies/procedures and by working with others in ways that create a spirit of teamwork throughout the entire organization.

The Pretreatment Operator is accountable to the Customers by working in ways to ensure that the organization meets or exceeds their standards for Quality, Delivery and Pricing.

This accountability is also met by making suggestions for process improvements to Qualicoat’s Management.



The Pretreatment Operator will display leadership through:

Pursuing Qualicoat’s goals and modeling Qualicoat’s values.
Making sure that all dealings with customers, suppliers, fellow workers and visitors are conducted in the spirit of teamwork and mutual respect.
Setting an example for others to follow by consistently participating and following up on targeted objectives.

Pretreatment Operators are expected to attain an advanced level of technical proficiency. To succeed in this position requires ongoing education.

Skills to be learned include:

Tank Titrations.
Regeneration of the DI water unit.
Waste treatment for all chemical tanks used in Pretreatment including rinse tanks.
Record keeping and documentation requirements of EPA and DOT.
Emergency response procedures for personal safety, environmental protection and product integrity.
First Aid.

Be at your work station ready to begin at the start of the shift.
Receive instructions from Supervision on the work to be performed including the standards to be met.
Understand the quality criteria to be used and effectively implement into the processes.
Verify that the tanks are ready to run.
Gather all racking materials, hooks, rods, dividers, etc. needed for each job.
Organize the work area to eliminate wasted effort and motion that allows work to be performed safely, efficiently and with the highest quality.
Run samples as required for Quality Assurance Department.
Set aside questionable product for evaluation by Supervision and/or Quality Assurance Department.
Immediately notify Supervision of any problems that may occur that will affect quality or expected production output.
Complete documentation on Job Traveler and Vista Time Sheet according to instructions.
As directed by Supervision, move the product with the completed Move Ticket to the next workstation or Shipping.
Regenerate DI water as required by operating procedures.
Assist in the treatment of spent baths as needed, recording the required data including date and time.
Assist in the transfer of treated waste to internal storage as directed by the Facilities Manager.
Assist in transfer of waste to outside contractors in accordance with EPA and DOT regulations and as directed by the Facilities Manager.
Maintain complete and accurate records in accordance with Job Travelers and Vista Time Card entry requirements.
Wear proper safety clothing as required by the procedures for the work being performed.
Exercise caution in the safe use and handling of chemicals utilizing the proper safety equipment and all safety procedures as required.
Report any needed repairs, safety hazards or suggested improvements to the Pretreatment Supervisor.
Provide input to Engineering and Quality Groups for suggested improvements to processes, procedures and policies.
Alert Supervision regarding inventory needs for supplies and/or equipment.


The Pretreatment Operator:

· Must be a good listener. Many instructions are given verbally.

· Must understand English.

· Must be effective in communicating clearly and concisely any questions he or she may have regarding policies, procedures or instructions.

· Is expected to clearly communicate to fellow team members to enable the team to perform up to standards for Quality, Productivity and Safety.

· Is required to document the work performed regarding quality, quantity and time spent on each job.


The Pretreatment Operators must display a high energy work ethic, a positive attitude and a spirit of teamwork

This person must demonstrate sound business ethics, honesty, integrity and respect for others.

Basic math skills.


The Pretreatment Operator must be able to lift 50 pounds using proper lifting techniques.

This person must be able to endure long periods of standing on concrete floors and be able to tolerate warm, humid conditions.


High School Diploma or equivalent GED plus demonstrated communication, writing and math skills that meet or exceed the requirements of this position.

Job Type: Full-time

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