For so many of us, fear is preventing the implementation of some type of change in our lives. There is probably nothing that scares us more than the unknown. Most humans like stability and stress over the change that could be brought into their life. This is especially true if you have never done something like a job search or have not had to do it for a long time.

A job search does not have to feel like it is an insurmountable event where you don’t know how to start. The reality is that, by following standard process, you will find that today is as great of time that there ever has been to conduct a job search. All you have to do is get started. So, below are some tips and thoughts for you to review to assist you in making your decision to move forward.

• Writing a Resume Is Not That Hard: The resume “experts” that you see on social media and elsewhere, will lead you to believe that you are constructing the “great American novel” as you write your document.  The reality is that if you follow the standard template when writing, ask someone to review, and proofread, you will most likely produce a resume that is more than acceptable. The other piece of good news is that it should not take you nearly as long as you think it will.

• Invest the Time That You Can: If you currently have a position (and are not facing an impending termination) then you are in the “driver’s seat” in terms of timetable. You can invest the time that you have available towards your job search. Of course, you should gain a greater advantage the more time you spend, but even running a “passive” search can bring you results. A “passive” search is defined as when you spend limited time on your search, but you are open to discussing opportunities with recruiters. Knowing that you don’t have to sacrifice your personal life or family to start a job search, may make it much easier to get started.

• Practice Interviewing Calms Nerves: For many, the concern about beginning a job search starts and ends with the interview. The idea of having to go face-to-face with the Hiring Manager is enough to not start the process at all. While, if you feel this way, it is unlikely we will get you to enjoy the interview, you should not have to fear the exercise. Most interviews contain the same basic questions that will always be asked. These frequently asked questions can have their answers practiced, so that you are much more comfortable providing a response. It can especially help if you solicit a family member or friend into helping you by role-playing the interview, until you feel more comfortable providing your answers.

• You Control Your Destiny: The thought of changing jobs can lead to procrastination because of the fear of the unknown. The actuality is that you control your destiny and should not delay your search because you do not know exactly how it will turn out. If you are currently employed, you can always stay in your present role and not change anything if you do not find a better position. No one will be forcing you to accept a job offer that you don’t want, so there is little downside to starting a job search and seeing what is out there.

• Economic Timing Is Great: You probably have read or watched news stories that outlined how difficult it is for most employers to find qualified and interested candidates. Given the current labor climate, a job seeker is in an enviable position and does not need to work at their search nearly as hard as they did twenty years ago. You may just find, depending on your skill set, that putting your resume out in the marketplace draws significant interest.

• Online Era of Search: The days of pounding the pavement and filling out paper applications has more than passed. A job search now can almost entirely be conducted within the comfort of your home if you have broadband internet and a computer. This removes many obstacles that used to exist, such as a job search used to have to be done primarily doing the normal workday. You can now fit in job search time almost anytime, right in the comfort of your home.

Doing a job search can be a stressful and time-consuming exercise (at times) for many of us. The knowledge that this is usually not an easy process can cause a person to be fearful. The key, however, is to overcome your concerns and nerves, and get yourself started. Once you start, you will likely find that your job search was not nearly as difficult as you thought it would be.

As always, best of luck in your job search.

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Joe Stein
WNY Human Resources Professional

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